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Recently I’ve been getting an influx of questions about how I created such a successful freelance business. My first response is usually, “it wasn’t easy, but I did it!” I personally use Upwork and have found it to be my favorite freelance platform. 

However, there is a lot that goes into succeeding on Upwork and maintaining a good profile that attracts clients. If you’re ready to take your freelance business to the next level, this blog post is for you.

Create a Stellar Profile

First things first, you need to take some time to create an absolutely amazing Upwork profile. Your Upwork profile is going to be the first thing potential clients see when posting a job and filtering through freelancers. 

Choose an Eye-Catching Title

An eye-catching title will be one that helps you stand out from other freelancers. So, let’s say you are a social media marketer who specializes in lead generation through social media. Your title might say something like “Social Media Marketer Specializing in Lead Generation”. 

If you prefer something that is broader but still stands out, you can try “Expert Social Media Marketer”. This adds flare to what would normally be a boring title, while also staying true to the services you offer. 

Write a Kick-Ass Description

After you figure out your title, it’s time to write a description that summarizes your expertise and what you bring to the table. Your description doesn’t have to be short, but make sure it’s only full of valuable information. 

Add in what you specialize in, the types of clients you work with if you have a specific list, and anything else that can be used to explain your experience. 

Set Your Hourly Rate

On Upwork, you can set an hourly rate and change it when necessary. However, I highly recommend doing preliminary research on how much you need to make in order to pay your basic expenses and then put money aside. 

Keep in mind, your hourly rate is public information and when submitting proposals, you have the option to bid an hourly rate. You don’t want to be bidding rates higher than what is on your profile. 

Add Past Work

When adding past work, you want to make sure that you’re only including relevant information that pertains to the services you’re offering. While it may be tempting to include your past work at other companies, if it doesn’t directly correlate to your freelancing business, don’t add it.

If you have work that is similar to what you are trying to do as a freelancer, ensure you are specific when explaining the work you did and how it applies to this work.

Apply to the Right Jobs

Now, applying to Upwork jobs is a whole journey on its own. You have to be able to apply to jobs that are going to be worth your time and eventually make you money. Only apply to jobs that fit the description of the work you provide. You also want to look at the experience level they’re looking for and decide where you land on that scale.

On Upwork, you now have to pay for connects. So, you don’t want to be applying for jobs that you’re not qualified for and out of your scope of work. 

Understand Your Upwork Score

Upwork has never been straight forward and said exactly what goes into your score. But, what we do know is that these factors affect your Upwork score:

  1. The rating a client gives you once a contract is done
  2. The score of bigger contracts vs. the smaller contracts
  3. How long you hold contracts for 

Obviously, the most important factor is what rating a client gives you once you’ve completed a contract. You want to make sure that you are fulfilling your contract and what was promised, you should be communicating with a client on a frequent basis, and contacting Upwork if you have any questions regarding your contract. 

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, Upwork is a very easy platform to navigate. It’s all about being truthful with your experience, as well as only applying to jobs that you’re qualified for. I have many more resources on navigating the freelance world, and I encourage you to check them out.

If you want a more in-depth look at freelancing, check out my free guide

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