How to Make Your Business Run Efficiently

How to Make Your Business Run Efficiently

Running a Business

Running a business is extremely hard work with how many moving parts there are. As a CEO you have to wear many hats and are the key to the survival of your business. However, there are many things you can do to make your business run more efficiently, thus giving you a chance to actually step into a CEO role. 

If you’re ready to level up your business and make it run the way it should be… keep reading!

Track Your Finances 

Tracking your finances and have a complete picture of what money is going in and coming out helps you make informed decisions with your business. I personally use a spreadsheet to track my monthly transactions, as well as Quickbooks. Quickbooks is great because it shows my revenue, expenses, and profit after expenses. It also shows me based on that information how much I owe in taxes.

Overall, tracking your finances allows you to take a breath knowing you have that part of your business figured out. If you feel like you are not able to do this yourself, I really recommend hiring an accountant or bookkeeper! 

Create SOPs

SOPs stands for Standard Operating Procedures. These are essentially systems that you have in place when doing tasks that you regularly perform in your business. For example, onboarding new clients, sales calls, sending invoices, posting blog posts, etc. It’s up to you how many SOPs you create and what exactly you use them for. 

I have SOPs for onboarding clients, posting blogs and on social media, and a variety of other tasks. They come in handy when you hire new people or need to outsource some of your work! You can make them in a Google Doc, Loom video, or any other way you feel works best for your business. 

Have a Routine

I used to never understand why having a routine is so important but I finally realized it’s the key to efficiency. Your routine doesn’t have to be super structured but by just having an idea of what you should do every day will help. 

Here’s my routine:

I wake up around 7-7:30am and hang out with my pups and husband in bed while I scroll through social media. After that I get up, feed the dogs, make my coffee and breakfast, and do some basic admin work until my food settles. Around 9:30/9:45am I go workout for about 40 minutes and then I come home, get ready for my day, and do some light cleaning. Once all of that is done I feel better about starting my day and working for a few hours. 

I have my routine this way because it works for my family’s schedule and my client’s schedule. It can be easy to listen to what others do and try to mimic it, but it’s important to have something down that works for YOU, not the people you follow on social media. Once you have a routine you’ll notice that both your life and work move more efficiently. 

Hire a Team

The last thing I’ll recommend in this blog post is hiring a team of people. Running a business is not a one man show and requires that you either outsource or bring people on as employees. As of right now, I have 4 contractors who handle a variety of tasks ranging from ad management to writing client blog posts. (I still write mine don’t worry hehe). 

Overall, you can run a business efficiently when you have the right foundation in place. The right foundation sets you up for success and is absolutely crucial. If you want to learn how you can set your business up for success, my 1:1 coaching program is perfect for you.

It’s 12 weeks long and takes you from having a scattered, unorganized business and helps you have a solid sturdy business that can help you grow to 6 and 7 figures. You can apply for it here

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