How I Started My Email List From Scratch

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For a long time, I kept hearing about the benefits of having an email list and quite honestly it went through one ear and out the other. I saw blog post after blog post, heard podcast episode after podcast episode and I still didn’t give it much thought. 

I would say to myself, “who needs an email list?”, and then it finally hit me… I do! I immediately realized that I needed to start practicing what I had been preaching. It was time to start an email list. But the question still remained, how was I going to do this? 

I knew a lot about email marketing but didn’t really know how to apply what I had learned over the last few months. Then I had a great idea. I needed something of value that people would be willing to exchange their email for! Thus the freelance freebie was created. 

And don’t get it twisted that I only created that resource solely for the purpose of stealing all your emails. I knew this was something many people could benefit from, so I decided to get working. 

If you want to learn each step I took to creating an email list from zero, keep reading.

Get Started on an Email Marketing Platform

First things first, you need to get set up on an email marketing platform. There are dozens out there that offer various tools and resources, and it’s up to you which one works best for your needs. If you aren’t 100% sure which platform you like more, you can always do a free trial of a few and see which one is better. 

Create a Lead Magnet

Once you’ve found the email marketing platform, it’s all about creating something that people are in need of. The first resource I created as my freelance ebook that went over the basics of getting set up as a freelancer. 

I chose to make this my first resource because freelancing was how I started in this industry in the first place. I knew that many people good benefit form understanding the basics of freelancing and learn how they can succeed as well. 

For your lead magnet, choose something that you’re passionate about and the work will be very easy from there. Your lead magnet should be something free, so try not to use up all your ideas just for this one email marketing campaign. 

Make a Landing Page

After thinking of your lead magnet, it’s time to set up the landing page. This is where it’s extremely important to take the time to have a good landing page. After all, it’s another extension of your brand and you’re trying to get people to give away their email address for your resource.

Click here to check out the first landing page I made for my brand.

Promote on Social Media

Once all the groundwork is done it’s time to start promoting your first resource all over social media. Join Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and follow people on Instagram. This is going to increase your exposure, as well as connect you to the right people to join your email list. When you promote on social media, be sure to avoid spamming everyone and instead try to provide value. 

Next Steps

Now that you have your email list you can start getting connected with your subscribers and send them more resources! Your email subscribers trust you not to spam them with irrelevant content, and it’s your responsibility to uphold your end of the bargain.

If you’re struggling to get your first lead magnet created and organizing your email campaign, reach out and we can hop on a call to discuss! 

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