5 Things Every CEO Should Do

Running a Business

Being a CEO is a very time consuming and comes with a lot of responsibility. I know for me personally running 2 businesses I have to constantly be on top of things and it can be easy to forget small and big tasks. My goal is to help you and many other CEOs be the best they can be, so buckle in because I’m summing up 5 important things every CEO should do.


Something I wish I had done a lot sooner in my career was network with people in and out of my industry. Once I started Halyn Marketing I became so focused on learning and getting clients that I completely forgot about making connections. And funny enough, those connections are what has helped grow my client base. 

Networking isn’t as complicated as it used to be thanks to social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to directly connect with other professionals. Something I like to do is connect with at least 20 people each day whether that’s sending a direct message, leaving a comment, or responding to a DM. You’d be surprised at how many amazing people you meet!

Update Your SOPs

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have any official SOPs until being in business for almost a year. I had some rough ideas of how to make them and what SOPs I should have, but never put it in place. Trust me when I tell you how important it is to have your procedures in place to help when it comes time to hire new employees and bring on clients. 

The SOP’s I finished making are on how to onboard new clients, how to post our client blog posts, how to post on Buffer, and how to properly engage on social media. With how small our team is we really don’t need any more than that but I suspect the list of SOPs will increase over the next few years. 

Review Finances Monthly

Once you start making decent money in your business it can be easy to get excited and eager to spend. What I really recommend is reviewing your finances at the end of every month to see how much money you’ve spent versus how much you made. If you want to take an even deeper dive I highly suggest looking over your finances week by week. This way you can make adjustments as necessary to prevent yourself from losing money. 


Outsourcing is absolutely essential to growing your business and taking on the role of a CEO. One of the first things I outsourced was my Google and Facebook ads because we had too many for me to manage by myself. I still work on them but it’s much easier to have someone who runs the majority of it.

The next thing I outsourced were small administrative and creative tasks to a marketing assistant. That role has now grown into blog writing and graphic design, but still has some of the original tasks. The last thing I outsource, or I guess partially outsource, is blog writing. We have to write dozens of blog posts a month and it’s impossible for me to do it all on my own.

Having these tasks taken care of make it so much easier for me to talk to clients, strategize the business, and take on the role of a CEO.

Practice Self-Care

The last thing that goes so unnoticed is self-care. Everybody talks about how stressful it can be to run a company, yet there aren’t a lot of real solutions that involve taking into account someone’s mental health. Self-care can look like taking weekends off, planning a small vacation, unplugging after an 8 hour day, or taking frequent breaks during the day.

Hustle culture is extremely toxic in my opinion because it basically pushes the idea that working so hard that you’re fatigued is the way to success. While there is a lot of truth into the fact that running a business and growing it takes a lot of work, it shouldn’t spiral you into a bad mental state of mind or ruin your personal relationships.

I’m Here to Help 

If you’re not running your business the way you’d like to, please feel free to schedule a discovery call with me and I can help you get things straightened out. My blog and podcast are also two great resources for CEOs. 

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