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Work with businesses and clients that only bring you happiness and fulfillment. Say bye to low paying gigs! 👋🏻

Take an idea and turn it into a business that grows to be 6 or even 7 figures! Because scaling is a MUST.

Have complete control over your schedule and how much money you bring in every month... *ka-ching* 💰

you could...

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My 1:1 Coaching Program

Introducing... * Drum roll please*

At age 20 I started my own digital marketing agency. Now, I’m a 21-Year-Old CEO with a six-figure marketing agency and a clothing company. My goal is to help other aspiring entrepreneurs realize they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

When I’m not helping entrepreneurs and running my two businesses, I’m spending time with my husband and two fur-babies, reading a new book, or enjoying some fresh air.

Before I started Halyn Marketing, many people told me I wouldn’t succeed at that I was silly for even trying. Well, here I am as proof that it’s possible. I want to be able to share my success, failures, knowledge, and truth to all of you looking to do what I did.

Hi! I'm Lexy


Matt Mickey

"Lexy gave me a clear path to growing my personal training business and helped me every step of the way! I highly recommend her for anyone looking to start or grow a business."

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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-Weekly 60 min calls
-The CEO Template Bundle
    ●Social Media Planner
    ●Budget Planner
    ●Goal Tracker
-The CEO Book Bundle (3 of my favorite books)
-Spot coaching w/Voxer & Email

Bonus: Secret deals & first access to future masterminds & intensives

Here's what's included

What to expect

Well... Think About It This Way

Not Sure If it's right for you?

Starting a business is no easy feat. It takes time to even come up with the idea first, let alone figure out the rest... But what if i told you there was a way to save time and money and get you on the track to running a successful and profitable business? 

I promise you it has nothing to do with a genie... 🧞‍♀️ Well... actually it might. I get there you're coming from. I've now started 4 businesses, all in different industries. I've dealt with all the good and bad that comes with starting and growing a business. I've learned from mistakes and have spent years perfecting my craft. And this is where the genie comes in. I could give all of this information to YOU.

Think about it, no more guessing and wondering what COULD be if you just started your business. You'll know exactly what is needed from you in order to start, grow, and see monthly revenue you probably never thought was possible. 

You know that in order to be the ceo you've always dreamed of you need to invest the time and energy into actually doing it. And i'm here to guide you the entire way!

You find yourself unable to commit to something in order to succeed.

You aren't ready to dive into a 12 week process to build your business from the ground up.

You'd rather sit back and watch others succeed in their fields.

this is not for you if...

A driven individual who has always known they're destined to do something more than commute to a 9-5 job 5x a week.

Full of ideas and the desire to take these ideas and turn them into fully functioning businesses.

Ready and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and be the CEO you've always dreamed of

this is for you if you are... 

Krista Ko

"Lexy gave me the roadmap I needed to really take control of my future without spending more time sitting on ideas."

Elexis Escudero

Before meeting with Lexy I wanted to do a hundred different things and I couldn’t just choose one niche. After a month after launching my coaching my business I still had no clients and no leads. That’s when I met with Lexy. She helped me to identify my target audience and flawlessly mix the two together. My Instagram has grown tremendously since my meeting with Lexy. Thank you Lexy!


I am literally pouring over your feed and site because you literally speak everything I am starting to feel! Just want to say thank you for sharing how you got started and being transparent and relatable! So happy I found you!

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